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TWINS by Spades-and-Hearts
The initial designs of my next 2 characters, Twins Joelle and Maria were born in Paris 1970 granted with supernatural capabilities.

Joelle has the ability of Time manipulation while Maria was gifted with Spacial alteration.

Both are upcoming characters for a project I am working on titles 'TWINS' Which will be a super hero comic I hope to produce... eventually.
But for now I will leave you with the initial concept of the two girls.
New Discovery: Dragon Pearls by Spades-and-Hearts
New Discovery: Dragon Pearls
248- Wyvearl (Wyvern/Pearl)
Type: Mythical/Arcane
Pearl Hybrid
- From birth they cradle the Pearl that is left to them. They use it as a means of defence and to deter attackers for they are able to cause the pearl to shimmer and dazzle.

248- Dianagon (Diamond/Dragon)
Type: Mythical/Arcane
Pearl Hybrid
- The Pearls that sit around their neck line give off immense light rays which are used to blind enemies. Their scales are so smooth that they can slither and slide across the ground... and out of their enemies grasps.

250- Pearlumiere (Pearl/Lumiere{french for light})
Type: Mythical/Arcane
Soothing Hybrid
- At this stage in their lives they are strong enough to withstand most attacks from enemies with merely their shear bulk of a body. Though they use their four tusk like horns to attack they always remain perfectly smooth. 

Pearlumiere was initially a design produced by :iconbethanxxx: last year, so I would quickly like to say thank you and please check out her work when you have the chance people :)
New Discovery: Radioactive mess by Spades-and-Hearts
New Discovery: Radioactive mess
160- Isotoxic (Isotonic/Toxic)
Type: Thunder/Toxic
chemical reaction Hybrid
- Isotoxics are an incomplete Hybrid species, which causes them to take on a sludge like form. Their bodies in this stage contain high dosages of radiation which most of the time is out of their control, causing them to poison most living organisms that come into contact with their skin.

161- Nucluster (Nuclear/Cluster)
Type: Thunder/Toxic
Chemical reaction Hybrid
- Nuclusters create a structure around their developing bodies in order to house their delicate shape. They use the radiation to be able to control the metal legs that they stand on in order to move around. 

162- Atomuclear (Atom/Nuclear)
Type: Thunder/Toxic
Radiation Hybrid
- At this stage in their lives, they have grown accustomed to the level of radiation inside them. They float around using the 3 capsules that orbit their small bodies in order to destroy their targets. When all 3 capsules are fully charged they can release a torrent of radioactive chemicals. 
sour and sweet V.2.0 by Spades-and-Hearts
sour and sweet V.2.0
254- Sherbice (Sherbet/Ice)
Type: Arctic
Fresh snow Hybrid
- Their bodies are made from the purest of ice crystals, which they collect and attach to their body. Sherbice have tiny specs of sourness that grow on them to deter anything that attempts to eat them. When they're happy, the red cherry like gem glows a vivid red. 

255- Heilance (Helio{ice in spanish}/Lance)
Type: Arctic
Armoury Hybrid
- Their lances and helmet are made from what is known as diamond ice, ice that has been compressed under such pressure that it is almost unbreakable. They expel bitter cold mist from the quiff on top of their heads which helps to conceal them until they are in a better position to strike. Heilance move incredibly swiftly in order to not be noticed by their opponent.

Original artwork can be found here: spades-and-hearts.deviantart.c…
Don't blink V.2.0 by Spades-and-Hearts
Don't blink V.2.0
258- Glassier (Glass/Glacier)
Type: Arctic/Unworldly
Quantum locked Hybrid
Quantum locked, they are only capable of moving when not being observed by any living thing. The shadow ball in their centre is what keeps them alive and is probably the only part of a Glassier that people will see moving. When not being observed, they can move at intense speeds. If they get close enough to their targets then they attempt to freeze them before removing their souls for energy.

Original artwork can be found here: spades-and-hearts.deviantart.c…


Spades-and-Hearts's Profile Picture
James P Stafford
Artist | Student | Film & Animation
United Kingdom
Evening all. My name is james Stafford. I am currently studying at the university of South Wales in Cardiff with the intentions of becoming a stop motion animator and film director in future. As well as having a fascination with film and media I also have a fascination with art and sculpting. I specialise in water colours, stop motion, prosthetics and makeup, sketching, photography and short film directing.
I was originally known on deviantart as 'JamesgamesStudios' but chose to change to 'Spades and hearts' as my previous deviant page had virtually no work on it and I hardly updated it.

I have just finished working on my final 2nd year stop motion piece which i will be bringing you all up to date more on asap. I have a second animation I am currently working on along with the current work of what i call 'Hybrids Extended' where by i shall be re-visiting and re-designing my Hybrids along with some newcomers also.
Nether the less I hope you take the time to read this and browse through the work I have produced over the last few years. Enjoy :3 :D

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