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About Film & Animation / Student Member James Stafford21/Male/United Kingdom Group :iconglanimation: Glanimation
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Possessed toys V.2.0 by Spades-and-Hearts
Possessed toys V.2.0
206- Pupplush (Puppy/Plush)
Type: Balanced/Spiritual
Plush Hybrid
- During the day they remain dormant and still but during the night, they awake and fly out into the night. Whilst their owners sleep, they venture away to look for children to spook. 

207- Canispot (Canis{Latin for dog}/Spot)
Type: Balanced/Spiritual
Possessed toy Hybrid
- Though their spirit form has full control over the toy like body, they still have a tendency to move around rather clumsily. They wait until children come to buy it from stores before attempting to scare them in their sleep, usually by watching them for hours from the foot of children's beds.

Original artwork can be found here: spades-and-hearts.deviantart.c…
Burning Hot Freezing Cold V.2.0 by Spades-and-Hearts
Burning Hot Freezing Cold V.2.0
237- Temperatwin (Temperature/Twin)
Temperate Hybrid

Flame forme
Type: Furnace

Freeze forme
Type: Arctic

Depending on the season and environment that they live in, Temperatwins can adapt to extreme temperatures. Hot climates and seasons such as summer will allow for Temperatwin to withstand temperatures of high centigrade, but low temperatures and seasons such as winter will cuase this Hybrids body to adjust to temperatures of extremely low centigrade.

238- Scorchorn (Scorch/Horn)
Type: Furnace
Magma ball Hybrid
- The core of this Hybrids body can reach temperatures of 1000 degrees. The horns and hardened magma that cover this creatures head act as a defence against enemies.

239- Cublizzard (Cube/Blizzard)
Type: Ice
Ice cube Hybrid
- Its body is made up of individual cubes of ice that freeze water on contact. If one of its ice cubes is damaged or smashed, it can repair the broken fractures of its body. As a defence, its core allows this Hybrid to expel a fog that is the same temperature as liquid nitrogen.

Original artwork can be found here: spades-and-hearts.deviantart.c…
Error 404 V.2.0 by Spades-and-Hearts
Error 404 V.2.0
155- Dubirus (Dubious/Virus)
Type: Digital/Thunder
Virus Hybrid
- This dangerous Hybrid was downloaded to a USB known as the deluded drive to prevent it from reeking havoc on the world but if this drive is placed into the  any computer, it'll cause mass destruction in their area, damaging all electrical devices in its vicinity. It feeds off of software, programmes and downloads, which it consumes with it cylindrical mouth. The brighter its body glows, the more damage it can cause due to the amount of viral data at work inside its body core.

Original artwork can be found here: spades-and-hearts.deviantart.c…


Spades-and-Hearts's Profile Picture
James Stafford
Artist | Student | Film & Animation
United Kingdom
Evening all. My name is james Stafford. I am currently studying at the university of South Wales in Cardiff with the intentions of becoming a stop motion animator and film director in future. As well as having a fascination with film and media I also have a fascination with art and sculpting. I specialise in water colours, stop motion, prosthetics and makeup, sketching, photography and short film directing.
I was originally known on deviantart as 'JamesgamesStudios' but chose to change to 'Spades and hearts' as my previous deviant page had virtually no work on it and I hardly updated it.

I have just finished working on my final 2nd year stop motion piece which i will be bringing you all up to date more on asap. I have a second animation I am currently working on along with the current work of what i call 'Hybrids Extended' where by i shall be re-visiting and re-designing my Hybrids along with some newcomers also.
Nether the less I hope you take the time to read this and browse through the work I have produced over the last few years. Enjoy :3 :D

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