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Don't blink V.2.0 by Spades-and-Hearts
Don't blink V.2.0
258- Glassier (Glass/Glacier)
Type: Arctic/Unworldly
Quantum locked Hybrid
Quantum locked, they are only capable of moving when not being observed by any living thing. The shadow ball in their centre is what keeps them alive and is probably the only part of a Glassier that people will see moving. When not being observed, they can move at intense speeds. If they get close enough to their targets then they attempt to freeze them before removing their souls for energy.

Original artwork can be found here: spades-and-hearts.deviantart.c…
Iceberg ahead V.2.0 by Spades-and-Hearts
Iceberg ahead V.2.0
256- Blizzero (Blizzard/Subzero)
Type: Arctic
Cold water Hybrid
- As they swim through the water, they leave a trail of bitter cold ice crystals that often freeze the surface water behind them. When they come to rest, they encase themselves within ice that is so cold that touch is enough to freeze the blood in ones body. 

257- Glashark (Glacier/Shark)
Type: Arctic
Iceberg Hybrid
- Huge and ferocious, they swim slowly through the northern oceans bordering the Hybrid continent. If they spot ships floating, they ram into them using the shear amount of ice on their backs before finally diving down on the wreck to submerge what remains. 
One of a number of Hybrids which :iconbethanxxx: helped me to design. 
Probably one of her favourites so i'm certain she'll be pleased to see him once again. 
Please check out her work when you have the chance.

Original artwork can be found here: spades-and-hearts.deviantart.c…
New discovery: Wet Dogs by Spades-and-Hearts
New discovery: Wet Dogs
022- Puplop (Puppy/Plop)
Type: Aquatic/Balanced
Puddle Hybrid
- These timid Hybrids are found in large numbers in the Wet Woods. They have the ability to shape shift their bodies to match that of a small shimmering puddle. This ability is often used as a mean of hiding from larger enemies.

023- Barkua (Bark/Aqua)
Type: Aquatic/Balanced
Puddle Hybrid
- Their fur is so clumpy that large branches often become entangled in the mass moss and sludge that coats them. People have even reported seeing breezeafs stuck in their fur on rare occasions. 

024- Wagaspalsh (Wagging tail/Splash)
Type: Aquatic/Balanced
Wet fur Hybrid
- This large and territorial Hybrid marks the area it resides in by licking the trees around it leaving a glossy smear that tells other Wagasplashes to stay out of their region. When threatened they can shake their fur to release a torrent of water from their damp fur. 
Bloody Mary ultimate image by Spades-and-Hearts
Bloody Mary ultimate image
For the past several months I have been a busy busy bee working on my next upcoming animation titled 'Bloody Mary'. It is a short stop motion piece looking into the folklore figure of halloween that is Bloody Mary (hence the title) who is tasked with preparing Halloween every year. Join us as we watch her prepare for yet another Halloween night with the help of he spooky companions known as the Trickers. 
I have had this idea buzzing around now for the past 2-3 years so am very pleased to be finally working on it now.
For more information on myself and my work please visit my website:…
New discovery: Little fox scarf by Spades-and-Hearts
New discovery: Little fox scarf
029-Scarfox (Scarf/Fox)
Type: balanced
Slender Hybrid
- One of the most unusual of Hybrids for the fact that its body has evolved over time to become fabric thin. The most striking fact about these tiny Hybrids is the fact that over 100 different fur patterns have been documented. All of which seem to vary depending on environment, temperature and season.


Spades-and-Hearts's Profile Picture
James P Stafford
Artist | Student | Film & Animation
United Kingdom
Evening all. My name is james Stafford. I am currently studying at the university of South Wales in Cardiff with the intentions of becoming a stop motion animator and film director in future. As well as having a fascination with film and media I also have a fascination with art and sculpting. I specialise in water colours, stop motion, prosthetics and makeup, sketching, photography and short film directing.
I was originally known on deviantart as 'JamesgamesStudios' but chose to change to 'Spades and hearts' as my previous deviant page had virtually no work on it and I hardly updated it.

I have just finished working on my final 2nd year stop motion piece which i will be bringing you all up to date more on asap. I have a second animation I am currently working on along with the current work of what i call 'Hybrids Extended' where by i shall be re-visiting and re-designing my Hybrids along with some newcomers also.
Nether the less I hope you take the time to read this and browse through the work I have produced over the last few years. Enjoy :3 :D

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